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Warcry: Harbingers Of Destruction (Eng)

Warcry: Harbingers Of Destruction (Eng)

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  • Description
    Nowhere is safe from the ravages of the bestial warriors of Gorkamorka, not even the domain of the Everchosen. The din of battle that echoes throughout the Bloodwind Spoil draws orruks, ogors, and grots like moths to a flame. Here, the strong survive, and the weak are but prey. Savage warbands fight anyone they can find to prove themselves the meanest and toughest of all – and because it fills their brutal hearts with joy.
    Harbingers of Destruction is the essential guide to commanding the forces of Grand Alliance: Destruction in games of Warcry. Four large warbands are detailed in full, from the diminutive Gloomspite Gitz to the hulking Ogor Mawtribes. You’ll find loads of new fighter cards, background tables, Fated Quests, and Challenge Battles – in short, everything you need to play the forces of Destruction in full campaigns.
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    Format: Book (SB)
    GW Barcode: 9781839060472
    Part Code: 60040299097
    Short Code: 111-77